Mixolydian CD

Mixolydian CD

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“Mixolydian” CD Reviews

"This is amazing stuff... Think Martyn Bennett with multiple personalities."
Alex Monaghan
The Living Tradition

"Whoa! Was I surprised. Mark Saul doesn't do a "wee bit", he goes all the way. I've heard techno bagpipe music before. Rarely is it by someone who KNOWS how to write electronic music... Each track shines with it's own spark of brilliance."
Marc Gunn
Celtic mp3s.com

"Mark Saul takes the bagpipes to new heights, indoors, outdoors, anywhere you like. This is a CD to explore and explore some more.
This is for the brave and adventurous. Take a journey inspired by timeless and intelligent music that rises from the living breath of a Celtic soul."
Virginia MacIsaac

"Pipers of all stripes owe themselves a listen to this fascinating album if only to develop an appreciation for how versatile the instrument can be when taken out of traditional context. Afro Celt and Shooglenifty fans, prepare to be blissed out."
World Beat (Canada)

Track Listing

1 Prelude and Theme in E minor
2 The Gateless Gate
3 Forget the Golden Rules
4 Journey to the Centre of the Celts
5 Beyond
6 A Dimension
7 Digital Breakdown
8 It's an Instrument
9 Wicked Train of Thought
10 E minor End Theme
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